Audi Can Bus Harness / Antenna Remote Amplifier Trigger Wire

The Canbus Harness adapter you have has a blue wire with a male bullet connector. This requires a connection from your new stereo to turn on the amplifier within the vehicle. The wire colours differ slightly from stereo to stereo but are generally either blue in colour or blue with a white

CAN BUS Pink / Green / Purple-White, What are they for?

Many CAN BUS adapters come with additional output wires as in the photo below. They are used for various stereo installations such as installing a reverse camera. A description for what each one is below: What is the PINK wire?The Pink wire is a speed pulse output. Some stereos / navigation systems have a

Where is the Remote Wire location on my ISO Plug?

Many stereos have a direct ISO socket on the rear of the stereo now. These stereos tend to not come with any ISO harness adapter also. When using an adapter they do not always supply a remote output feed and the location is empty. In the photo below the space directly under the orange

Stereo not switching ON

Your new stereo will require 3 supplies to switch on Ignition live 12v+ red wire on stereo Permanent live 12v+ yellow wire on stereo Earth/ground 12v- black wire on stereo If all these wires are NOT connected then the unit will NOT switch on. With the help of a multimeter